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Commercial Low Slope Roof & Siding Panel

R-Panel/PBR-Panel is a commercial metal roof and wall panel with 1.25″ high ribs at 12″ apart. We custom manufacture this heavy-duty panel in house for a great price, fast service, and unmatched quality. R-Panel/PBR-Panel installs quickly and is cost efficiently on slopes as low as 1:12 making it our most popular panel chosen for commercial and agricultural use.

R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P001 Panel Side Angle Pbr Panel
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P002 Panel Overhead R Panel
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P003 Panel Front Angle R Panel
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P004 Panel Side Angle R Panel
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P005 Panel Overhead Pbr Panel
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P006 Panel Front Angle Pbr Panel
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P007 Assembly Side Angle
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P008 Assembly Overhead
R Panel Pbr Panel Product Bbm Rp P009 Assembly Front Angle

Design & Size

We manufacture R-Panel/ PBR-Panel custom cut to the inch per your specifications. Any length is available from 3′ up to 45′. R-Panel/PBR-Panel’s design features four 1.25″ high ribs, spaced 12″ on center. PBR-Panel has a purlin bearing rib that makes stitch screws easier to install on roofs. Thickness options include 26 and 24 gauge standard and 22 gauge optional.


36" Width (Coverage)
Cut to Inch From 3'-45'

Gauge & Weight

26 Gauge - 0.85 Lb / Sq Ft
24 Gauge - 1.08 Lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

R-Panel/PBR-Panel is available in both SMP painted, Kynar 500® painted, and non-painted Galvalume. Unpainted Galvalume is popular for commercial roofs, while the painted options are popular for roofs and walls of commercial and general-purpose buildings. Painted systems carry a 50-year paint warranty, 50-year substrate warranty, and 30-year fade/chalk warranty. Unpainted systems carry a 45-year warranty.

Finish & Warranty

Painted: 50 Years
Galvalume: 45 Years



Purpose & Use

R-Panel/PBR-Panel is the Super-Duty® contender of metal roof and wall systems. Built with high tensile steel and well built trapezoidal ribs, there are few jobs too tough for this rugged panel.

Whether you choose R-Panel/PBR-Panel for its ability to handle slopes as low as 1:12 or open framing spans as far as 5′-7′ apart, R-Panel/PBR-Panel lives up to the demands you place on it.

R-Panel/PBR-Panel is most chosen for commercial and industrial roofs and walls, though it blends in well in most architectural design.

Minimum Slope



Solid Deck
Open Frame

Florida Approvals

Florida Building Code
Miami-Dade Hurricane Zone



Pure White (26ga)
Stone (26ga)
Sierra Tan (26ga)
Brown (26ga)
Light Gray (26ga)
Charcoal (26ga)
Bronze (26ga)
Black (26ga)
Bright Red (26ga)
Barn Red (26ga)
Burgundy (26ga)
Hawaiian Blue (26ga)
Gallery Blue (26ga)
Forest Green (26ga)
HD Black (26ga Premium)
HD Charcoal (26ga Premium)
HD Bronze (26ga Premium)
Copper Penny (26ga Premium)
Galvalume (Non-Painted)
Regal White (24ga)
Sandstone (24ga)
Almond (24ga)
Brownstone (24ga)
Medium Bronze (24ga)
Mansard Brown (24ga)
Dark Bronze (24ga)
Cityscape (24ga)
Slate Gray (24ga)
Matte Black (24ga)
Hartford Green (24ga)
Evergreen (24ga)
Teal Blue (24ga)
Colonial Red (24ga)
Terra Cotta (24ga)
Regal Red (24ga)
Brandywine (24ga)
Regal Blue (24ga)
Champagne (24ga, Premium)
Metallic Copper (24ga, Premium)
Weathered Zinc (24ga, Premium)
Silver (24ga, Premium)

Painted R-Panel® finishes are Hi-Reflective, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.
Available colors vary by branch and gauge. Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions.
Actual samples available on request.


Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.


Painted R-Panel/PBR-Panel finishes are Hi-Reflective, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.

Customer Reviews
097 William P R Panel Polar White 001

William P. Holliston, Massachusetts

Here are some photos of my project Gale was asking about, also you were as my salesperson. I think you’re the best Allison keep up the good work.

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152 W.c. Esp Andrew D R Panel 24ga Slate Gray 001

W.C. Esp - Andrew D. Patchogue, New York

Austen, I have spoken to our contractor, Mr. Andrew DiCorcia regarding the materials that we purchased from Best Buy Metals. Overall, he is very satisfied with the materials. The roof is complete and most of the siding is installed with the exception of some of the more tricky areas that required some cutting. The only issue they had was that some of the corners were the wrong side out but it wasn’t anything major that hindered the process. Thank you for following up with us and I appreciate all of your assistance and attention to this order. I have attached two photos and will send more along when the bldg. is complete!

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146 Richard P R Panel Charcoal Gray 001

Richard P. Brockton, Massachusetts Donalsonville, Georgia

Hurricane Micheal Damage – Would like to Thank Austen and Best Buy Metals for all of there Help with my order during and afterward!! I actually priced with two other companies and their salespersons acted like I was bothering them by calling and when I talked with Austen he very helpful and knowledgeable, kind and courteous that’s when I decided to go with Best Buy Metal!! Thanks Again Austen hope to do more business in the near future!

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