2.5″ Corrugated

Classic wavy corrugated panel - 1/2" high ribs.

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Medium Profile Wavy Corrugated

2.5″ Corrugated is our medium height corrugated sheet – and our most popular. With the strength needed to excel on both roof and wall applications, 2.5″ Corrugated takes on coastal, rugged, and contemporary applications with ease.

2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P001 Panel Side Angle
2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P002 Panel Overhead
2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P003 Panel Front Angle
2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P004 Assembly Side Angle
2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P005 Assembly Overhead
2 5 Corrugated Product C2 P006 Assembly Front Angle

Design & Size

We provide 2.5″ Corrugated cut to the inch per specification. 2.5″ Corrugated design features 1/2″ high ribs, spaced 2.67″ on center. On roofs, ribs are lapped 2 ribs, providing a 21.33″ coverage width. On walls, ribs are lapped 1 rib, providing a 24″ coverage width.


Roof: 21.33" Width, Walls: 24" Width (Coverage)
Cut to Inch From 3'-30' Recommended

Gauge & Weight

29 Gauge - 0.70 Lb / Sq Ft
26 Gauge - 0.90 Lb / Sq Ft

Warranty & Finish

Painted 2.5″ Corrugated carries a 40 year paint warranty and 30 year fade/chalk warranty and has primer and Galvalume under the paint. Unpainted Galvalume carries a 25 year warranty and is a 45% zinc and 55% aluminum coating with a clear acrylic overcoat. Some plants also provide unpainted galvanized which carries no warranty and is a zinc coating.

Finish & Warranty

Painted: 40 Years
Galvalume: 25 Years



Purpose & Use

2.5″ Corrugated is flexible enough to handle slight curvatures and strong enough for roofs and walls across America.

Common uses for 2.5″ Corrugated include walls, ceilings, siding, and roofing. Painted, Galvalume, and galvanized finishes completely change the look and style of a project.

A high tensile steel core allows 2.5″ Corrugated to handle roofs in the high winds of Florida.

Minimum Slope



Solid Deck
Open Frame

Florida Approvals

Florida Building Code



Bright White (26ga)
Sahara Tan (26ga)
Burnished Slate (26ga)
Patriot Red (26ga)
Marine Green (26ga)
Green (26ga, 29ga)
Gallery Blue (26ga)
White (29ga)
Terracotta Red (29ga)
Galvalume (Non-Painted)
Galvanized (Non-Painted, Availability Varies)
Light Stone (Availability Varies)
Brown (Availability Varies)
Burgundy (Availability Varies)
Hawaiian Blue (Availability Varies)
Charcoal (Availability Varies)
Ash Grey (Availability Varies)
Black (Availability Varies)

Painted 2.5″ Corrugated® finishes are Hi-Reflective, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.
Available colors vary by branch and gauge. Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions.
Actual samples available on request.


Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.

Testing: UL Listed
UL 2218
Class 4 Impact Resistance
UL 790
Class A Fire Resistance Rating
UL 580
Class 90 Wind Uplift
Testing: Florida Approvals
FL# 7271.1
Min 26 ga., roof, over 19/32" thick plywood

Painted 2.5″ Corrugated finishes are Hi-Reflective, reflecting 25-67% of the sun’s rays.

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Avalow.com - Jeremy N. Santa Rosa, California

Great team that works hard to get you the right solution at a good price and timeline. Very glad a friend recommended them! We’ve been using them as a primary supplier for almost 2 years now, big fans!

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129 Park L 2 5in Corrugated Galvanized Unpainted 001

Park L. Clarkston, Washington

Still got to put ridge cap on… But all worked out great…

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