Steel Tubing

High strength, practical design.

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Build It. Weld It. Bolt It.

Steel Tubing is a multipurpose steel component often bolted or welded together for a range of construction and industrial applications. Uses are limitless, with square and rectangular shapes in stock for quick pick up or delivery. With a tough Flo-Coat galvanized finish, Steel Tubing is standard at 20′ and 24′ long. Cut-to-the-inch sections are also available.

Design & Size

Steel Tubing lengths are provided in standard lengths of 20′ and 24′. Cut-to-the-inch sections are also available. Common diameters include 2″x3″, 2.5″x2.5″, and 2″x2″. Inserts are available for the 2″x3″ size. Peak gussets, corner gussets, flat brackets and angle brackets are also available.


Size: Standard and Custom
Length: 20', 24' Standard

Gauge & Weight

15ga Common: Weight Varies by Profile
7-20ga Available By Size: Weight Varies by Profile/Gauge

Warranty & Finish

Metal framing components carry no specific warranty. Steel tubing features a Flo-Coat galvanized finish with multiple layers of protection.

Purpose & Use

Steel Tubing is appropriate for virtually any application that requires strong weldable and boltable components. Uses include construction, structural support, manufacturing equipment and more.

The smooth weldable finish of Flo-Coat Galvanized is world-renown and trusted by welders everywhere. Versatility includes the ability to be bolted or fastened with self-drilling quick-fasten screws.



Flo-Coat Galvanized

Available finishes vary by branch, size, and gauge. Color accuracy is limited by scanning and viewing conditions.


Primarily PDF downloads, these resources provide general, installation, and testing data.