Metal Tile Roofing

Few roofs inspire like clay tile roofing. Metal tile roofing systems offer such an experience with the added steel benefits of being lightweight, walkable, and wind resistant.

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Stile Spanish Tile Product Stile P010 Thumbnail Stile Spanish Tile Gallery Stile L016 Spanish Clay

Stile Spanish Tile

Rounded metal tile system with a Spanish flair - provided in cut-to-the-foot sheets.

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Coastal Wave Tile Product Tntile P010 Thumbnail Coastal Wave Tile Gallery Tntile L001 Terracotta Expressence

Coastal Wave Tile

Pan and low-profile barrel tile metal roofing with a Northern European flair.

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Cleo Tile Product Rotile P010 Thumbnail Cleo Tile Gallery Rotile L117 Vista Cotta

Roser Cleo Tile

Our most affordable stone coated metal tile roofing – a rugged stone blend appearance.

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Decra Villa Product Dvilla P010 Thumbnail Decra Villa Gallery Dvilla L009 Amalfi Sand

Decra Villa

Hidden fastened Old-World Italian tile appearance with the performance of 26 gauge stone coated steel.

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Barrel Vault Product Bbvtile P010 Thumbnail Barrel Vault Gallery Bbvtile L006 Barcelona

Barrel Vault

High-performance stone coated metal tile roofing with a high-barrel vaulted style.

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Pacific Tile Product Bpatile P010 Thumbnail Pacific Tile Gallery Bpatile L001 Spanish Red

Pacific Tile

Meticulously engineered metal tile roofing with a Mediterranean flair.

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Decra Tile Product Dtile P010 Thumbnail Decra Tile Gallery Dtile L001 Granite Grey

Decra Tile

Over batten metal tile roofing with the performance of 26 gauge stone coated steel.

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