How To Install Flex-O-Vent Ridge Vent

Installing Flex O Vent Ridge Vent

Flex-O-Vent ridge ventilation installs quickly and cost effectively. Most commonly chosen for through fastened panels, it can be used on lower profile standing systems with the use of vent clips.

Step 1

Make sure panel is free of dust and debris. If not pre-cut, cut 2” slot at ridge. Measure and mark where the ridge cap will sit on the panel.


Step 2

Start from the end of the ridge, rolling out Flex-O-Vent along the length of the ridge (both sides), making sure the vent sits “up-slope” from the edge of the ridge cap.

Vent material

Step 3

Apply ridge cap, compressing material between the ridge cap and major rib. Fasten at the major rib using a screw gun set to at least 2700 rpm.

Ridge cap

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