FAQ # 007 – Does Metal Roofing Interfere with Cell Phone Reception?

Faq 007 Does Metal Roofing Interfere With Cell Phone Reception

Often times the large steel beams and construction of a metal building interfere with cell reception, especially in areas where reception is already poor.

But for most structures, a metal roof makes only the slightest difference in cell reception

The chances are, you won’t notice a single difference. If however, you had almost no service before installing a metal roof, it could be that one last thing that “breaks the camel’s back” and reduces service enough to be an issue.

What you can do

If you have poor cell phone reception, with or without a metal roof, adding a cell phone booster is a great way to improve your service. Install it on the wall facing your nearest tower if known (use an app to find your nearest tower if unknown).

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