FAQ # 004 – Are Metal Roofs Noisy?

Faq 004 Are Metal Roofs Noisy

The sound of rain on a tin roof – what many people think of when picturing metal roofing…

But that was yesteryear’s roofs – installed over open framed lumber (creating a drumming effect), with no OSB, plywood, or other solid sheathing. No insulation or proper attic space.

When installed as part of modern design, metal roofing is barely louder in sound to asphalt shingles in rain – about 6%.

Proper insulation and roof decking eliminates that drumming effect and provides a buffer between the roof and your living space. Regardless if you go with a panel or shingle design, metal roofing is incredibly quiet.

If you want that “rain on the tin” sound you can still get it

Just install metal roofing panels on your porch, skipping the sheathing. (Don’t install metal roofing over open framing on an insulated, heated, and cooled airspace – it’s not meant for that.)

Or simply go to YouTube and find some nice videos!

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