FAQ # 003 – Will Hail Dent Metal Roofing?

Faq 003 Will Hail Dent Metal Roofing

Superior Hail Resistance

Steel roofing is considerably more hail resistant than most other roofing systems, resisting hail in larger sizes and higher wind speeds.

Insurance Discounts

Since metal roofing is far less likely to be compromised by hail, many insurance companies offer discounts on metal roofing systems, up to 35%.

Class 4 Impact

Most steel roofing is UL Laboratory rated at a Class 4 Impact Resistance. Class 4 is the highest testing UL performs for roofing materials, with steel balls up to 2″ in diameter dropped from heights up to 20′. This does a great job of simulating hail falling at a high rate of speed. Many non-metal systems fail at Classes 1-3, but metal roofing survives with zero penetrations.

Large enough hail can dent metal roofing

In many cases, this is negligible – creating tiny dimples. In extreme cases it can dent to the point it’s noticeable. Often these dings pop back out as the sun expands and contracts panels day-to-day. If you live in an area prone to extreme hail, consider a heavier gauge metal roofing system such as 26 or 24 gauge.

Some metal roof systems like those that simulate shakes and slates hide minor dings or dimples due to the stamp they contain.

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