FAQ # 002 – Can You Walk on Metal Roofing?

Faq 002 Can You Walk On Metal Roofing

All metal roofing systems, especially steel roofing, can be walked on.

Proper fall protection is always important when walking on any roof – never walk on a wet roof or one that has dew on it. Never walk on metal roofing panels before they are properly fastened down.

Vertical panels such as through fastened panels and standing seam

Avoid walking on the major ribs. Instead, walk in the flat portion of the panel. If installed over open framing try to walk closer to supports. If going over solid decking no such concerns arise.

Metal shingles, shakes, slate and tile

Refer to the install guide for proper foot placement. Some profiles prefer you walk right below the step, other profiles between steps, or in the case of metal tile roofing, in the low portion of the barrel.

Less common materials

Most metal roofing is Galvalume or galvanized steel – tough, high tensile, and in general the strongest when walking on. For softer metals such as aluminum, copper, and zinc; check with the manufacturer. Some profiles may be walked on if careful. Other profiles may require a foam insert to allow certain areas to be walked on.

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