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118 Jane R Arrowline Enhanced Slate Charcoal Blend 001

Jane R. Hillsboro, Kentucky

My name is Jane Roark and we purchased the gray metal slate roofing last year to use for a replica of a one room schoolhouse that has been razed in Cambridge Ohio. The school was built in 1876 and destroyed in 1984. School was held in this school until 1952. During these years approximately 110 one room school houses were in Guernsey County Ohio. My Grandmother, Clarice Steele taught in this school called Slaughter Hill School for 8 years during late 1930s and early 1940s. During this time my mother, Martha Rose Steele King attended 3 years as a student under her mother. When the school was razed in 1984 all items were sold at auction. At that time my mother purchased the original bell. The bell has remained in the basement of my mothers home since it was purchased. My mother is now 86 yrs. old. So I asked my mother if I could have the bell. She agreed and asked that I do something with the bell. The best way to honor both my Mother and Grandmother was to built a half size replica of the school. The original school had slate as the roofing and so that is the story that brought me to your company. Thank you for an amazing product. We are so proud of the end product and how truly it resembles true slate. Attached you will find pictures of the replica of Slaughter Hill One Room School House.

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