Product Benefits

Metal roof systems have a number of benefits – many are obvious, some aren’t as well known. Here are some of the most common reasons to choose metal roofing.

Fire Resistant

Nearly every roof system we sell meets UL Class A fire rating requirements. Class A ratings are only given to systems that are effective against severe fire test exposures. In heavily wooded areas, metal roofing systems are often chosen for their resistance to both flame and wind-driven embers.

In some areas of California, Montana, and Idaho; fire resistance is the #1 reason people choose metal roofing – most other materials simply can’t compare.

Wind Resistant

Our metal roofing is extremely wind-resistant – most systems meet wind requirements above 120 mph. A short gust of high wind can do vast damage to lesser roof systems but high tensile steel and a strong design ensure our systems can handle most anything nature throws at it.

In Florida and the Caribbean; wind resistance is the #1 reason people choose metal roofing – many people choose to go even above what code requires to ensure their home’s safety.

Hail Resistant

Metal roofing meets Class 4 impact requirements. In areas that receive constant or occasional hail, this means a considerable reduction in the chance you’ll have to replace your roof due to hail. Many homeowners’ insurance companies offer discounts on metal roofing for this reason.

20% of hail damage claims are in Texas – to the point the state requires discounts on Class 4 roofing such as metal roofing systems.

Long Lasting

An average asphalt shingle roof lasts 10-17 years – in some areas a little longer or shorter. A metal roofing system will last 40 years – even longer for standing seam systems and hidden fastened metal shingles.

Many homeowners and business owners choose metal roofing to significantly increase the chance they will never have to replace it again.


Virtually all of our painted metal roofing is Hi-Reflective, with reflectivity values from 25%-73%. Highly reflective roofing helps radiate heat from the sun – keeping your house cooler and lowering A/C costs. Stone coated metal roofing doesn’t have the same reflective benefits, but the air gap created by the shingle/shake/tile stamping does offer insulation value.

While rarely the main reason our customers chooses metal roofing, reduced A/C costs are a benefit that often surprises customers across the US and in the Caribbean. There is no way to calculate the exact savings as different climates and building designs affect the amount saved.

Lightweight & Strong

Steel roofing weighs on average 1/2 that of asphalt shingles, 1/8th vs. slate and clay roofs, and 1/10th vs. concrete tile. In spite of that, steel is far stronger than any of these – with nearly every system withstanding from 50,000 to 80,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. That strength is part of what makes steel wind, hail, and fire resistant.

We see a number of customers choose metal tile roofing because their existing structure won’t support the weight of concrete or clay tile. Over time these materials would cause rafters to bow and compromise the structural integrity of buildings designed for commonplace materials. Metal tile roofing weighs 1.1 to 1.5 lbs per square foot – no problem for standard construction methods.

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