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Railroad Cross Ties - Great for Landscaping

We bring in railroad cross ties by the semi-load, enabling us to sell great ties at a great price. These railroad ties are in bundles of 16, but we will gladly sell them to you individually as well.

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Railroad Ties

Once used for supporting trains across America, these cross ties have been retired from general use, but perform well in many landscaping situations including fences, patios, retaining walls, flower bed enclosures, steps, and many other uses.

Railroad ties provide a rugged, yet distinctively beautiful accent to many types of landscapes. See the "Photos & Landscaping Ideas" tab above to see a sample of the many uses that are possible.


Our cross ties, like most, are extremely heavy duty, weighing in from 200-250lbs. Anything you make out of these is going to be heavy duty, and will last for years.

Railroad Cross Tie Fence
Cost Effective

Best Buy Metals is able to provide great pricing on railroad ties by bringing them in by the semi-truck load.

Be Creative

Railroad ties have dozens of creative uses. Use your imagination, and find one that works for you.

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