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Vinyl Siding

We stock Mitten D5 Dutchlap vinyl siding and vinyl soffit at our Cleveland and Chattanooga locations. We also sell a full line of other quality vinyl siding materials including vinyl shakes, board & batten, and many other styles.

(Not available at Asheville, NC or Greenville, SC locations)

3' Metal Roofing

Mitten Oregon Pride - Vinyl Siding

With 13 designer colors in stock, Mitten Oregon Pride is our most popular vinyl siding. Durable .040 construction, a realistic woodgrain appearance, and a Lifetime Warranty are just part of what has made Oregon Pride a best seller. Both contractors and homeowners alike agree that this is a truly quality product. We carry the D5 Dutchlap and D4.5 Dutchlap profiles (depending on the color), for great looks and fast installation.

We also stock a complete line of vinyl siding accessories. Soffit, corners, j-channel, and PVC are a few of the many items we keep in stock.

Exteria Vinyl Siding: Shake, Brick, & Stone

Exteria vinyl siding replicates wood shakes, hand laid brick, and stone. These are heavy duty vinyl materials designed to withstand the test of time, while offering realistic beauty to your walls.

Exteria Products Classic Series Weathered Series
Exteria - RoughSawn Cedar Single EZ
Exteria - Creek Ledgestone Premium  
Exteria - RoughSawn Cedar EZ
Exteria - Cedar Pride EZ
Exteria - Hand-Split Shake EZ
Exteria - Stacked Stone Premium  
Exteria - Stacked Stone Original  
Exteria - Hand-Laid Brick  
Exteria - Hand-Cut Stone  
Exteria - Scalloped Perfection  
Exteria - Cape Cod Perfection EZ  

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