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Victorian - Historic Metal Shingles

Victorian Metal Shingles offer a roofing steeped in history and olde tyme style, and come in a traditional bare finish.

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Victorian Old Time Historic Metal Shingles

For over a hundred years, steel shingles like this one graced roofs across America. Carefully pressure stamped and formed from steel coated by bare finished protective coatings, they offered simplicity and style unique only to a stamped diamond shingle.

Over the years this art was nearly lost, as more elaborate shingles and metal panels arose. But still, the appeal of a traditional Victorian shingle drew a small manufacture to again revive this ancient art.

Now better than ever, with automated stamping, precise curves, and better zinc-aluminum protective coatings, you can again have a true-to-form Victorian metal shingle.

    Victorian Metal Shingle Profile
  • 9-1/2" wide x 14" height
  • Hidden fastener design
  • Installs over decking/plywood
  • Gauge: 26ga
  • Finish: Mill Finish Galvalume
  • Warranty: 50 years
  • Minimum roof slope 4:12

Traditional Mill Finish

Victorian metal shingles come only in a traditional mill finish: Galvalume. Similar in looks to the old galvanized finishes, Galvalume offers even more corrosion resistance for a longer lifetime.

Hidden Fastened Interlock Design

These shingles lock together from left to right, and lap over each other vertically. This both hides screws and ensures great protection against wind and rains.

Victorian Metal Shingle Roof Diamond Pattern
Multi-Dimensional Stamp Design

The stamped pattern on these shingles is both unique and brilliant, creating proper water drainage, strength, and beauty all at the same time.

Prepunched Nail/Screw Flange

Each side lap is prepunched for nails or screws, saving time and ensuring consistent holding strength.

Cost Effective

With manufacturing breakthroughs over decades of time, we can now offer Victorian metal shingles at a price that is very affordable. This means you can have that unique historic look without breaking the bank.

Invest in Your Roof

With a Victorian metal roof, you will be creating lasting value to your home, increasing it's resell value, and insuring that you will never have to roof again.

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50 Year Warranty - call to request copy of warranty


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