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Decra Roofing - Feel the Steel

For over 50 years, Decra has been crafting quality stone coated roofing products. The result is an exclusive selection of world class roofing products that look great and last a lifetime.

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Decra Roofing

Decra Roofing invented stone coated metal roofing, and haven't stopped innovating since. Best Buy Metals is proud to carry these quality stone coated steel products, for roofs that last generations.

We can offer these Decra roof products at great prices, both on large roofing projects and small jobs.

Decra Roofing Profiles
  • Coverage Size:
    • Decra Shingle - 14.5" x 39.5"
    • Decra Shake XD - 12-3/8" x 49-7/8"
    • Decra Shingles - 19-3/4" x 49"
  • Installs over decking/plywood
  • Gauge: 26ga
  • Finish: Stone chip
  • Warranty: 50 years
  • Minimum roof slope 3:12

From Decra:

"Elegance and longevity are equally important characteristics when choosing a roof to protect your most prized investment—your home. In fact, a DECRA roof may be the last roof you ever need. The strength and durability of a stone coated steel roof is combined with the versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingle exterior to give you the widest possible selection. A DECRA Roofing System is durable and will offer richness and beauty to enhance your home’s appearance." - - - Decra

Decra Shingle
Decra Villa Tile

Realistic raised barrel curves and a sophisticated hidden fastener design are just part of why Decra Shingle is in a class all it's own.

With exclusive cut & tuck technology, Decra Shingle is faster and easier to install, and creates a beautiful permanent roof. Villa Tile's interlocking design adds strength, wind resistance and hides fasteners.

Inspired by old world Italian tile, Villa offers the best features of steel and clay tiles. With realistic tile beauty, longevity, and function, plus the lightweight benefit of 26 gauge steel.

Available standard in 5 different stone chip finishes.

Decra Shake XD
Decra Shake XD

When you want a thick handsplit wood shake roof, without the high maintenance, Decra Shake XD fits the bill perfectly.

Shake XD is a true pioneer in the metal shake roofing industry. A hidden fastened design is combined with an amazingly realistic rustic wood shake look.

Unlike many other metal shakes, Shake XD can be installed directly over decking, without the need for wood battens. This greatly simplifies installation, and creates a more firm roof in the process.

Available standard in 6 different stone chip finishes.

Decra Shingle
Decra Shingle

Decra Shingle provides the look of a dimensional architectural shingle with the strength and lifetime quality of a steel roof.

This stone coated steel shingle begins by pressure forming steel sheets into the shingles, then embedding stone granulars into an acrylic base coat and finishing it off with a clear acrylic overcoat.

Decra Shingle is designed to be as easy to install as standard asphalt shingles, featuring smart trim designs and common sense techniques for a quality permanent roof.

Available standard in 5 different stone chip finishes.

Decra Shingle Colors

Click on the photos below for a high-resolution image.

Amalfi Sand - Decra Villa Tile Color

Amalfi Sand

Capri Clay - Decra Villa Tile Color

Capri Clay

Pompeii Ash - Decra Villa Tile Color

Pompeii Ash

Rustico Clay - Decra Villa Tile Color

Rustico Clay

Venetian Gold - Decra Villa Tile Color

Venetian Gold

Decra Shake XD Colors

Antique Chestnut - Decra Shake XD Color

Antique Chestnut

Pinnacle Grey - Decra Shake XD Color

Pinnacle Grey

Decra Shingle Colors

Canyon Brown - Decra Shingle Color

Canyon Brown

Fawn Grey - Decra Shingle Color

Fawn Grey

Midnight Eclipse - Decra Shingle Color

Midnight Eclipse

Vintage Slate - Decra Shingle Color

Vintage Slate

Woodland Green - Decra Shingle Color

Woodland Green

Decra Villa Tile Photos
Decra Villa Tile 1 Decra Villa Tile 2
Decra Villa Tile 3 Decra Villa Tile 4
Decra Villa Tile 5 Decra Villa Tile 6
Decra Villa Tile 7 Decra Villa Tile 8
Decra Villa Tile 9 Decra Villa Tile 10
Decra Shake XD Photos
Decra Shake XD 1 Decra Shake XD 2
Decra Shake XD 3 Decra Shake XD 4
Decra Shake XD 5 Decra Shake XD 6
Decra Shake XD 7 Decra Shake XD 8
Decra Shake XD 9 Decra Shake XD 10
Decra Shingle Photos
Decra Shingle 1 Decra Shingle 2
Decra Shingle 3 Decra Shingle 4
Decra Shingle 5 Decra Shingle 6
Decra Shingle 7 Decra Shingle 8
Decra Shingle 9 Decra Shingle 10
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